Magento Notes – Image not appearing after moving site to web host

Just signed up for a Linux hosting plan with, I must say, the performance is EXCELLENT!!  The site actually runs faster on the hosting company than my local install (WinXP + WAMP)

Just want to document an issue that I ran into when I moved my site…a lot of the images were broken…it was bizarre as when I checked..all the images were intact and they were all ftp’ed to the web host properly.  To my surprise, it was an issue with the image path being CASE SENSITIVE, it was a non-issue on my local install as Windows disregards case-sensitivity in image paths, but Linux is different.

So what ended up happening is that I have to browse through my entire product catalog, looking for missing images and trace back to which product and then lookfind the image path and file name were having issues, and then reference back to root/media/catalog/product/ to see whether the sub-folders are upper case or lower case and then modify the associated path accordingly in the mysql database table (catalog_product_entity_media_gallery).  The file structure for the image files is quite interesting, as it takes the first two characters of the image file name and creates a folder usig the first alphabet, and then create a sub-folder within using the 2nd alphabet; I find that odd but interesting.

Once the path name is updated in mysql, you would have to go back into Magento admin and reselect the base image, thumbnail, and small image, as those settings gets reset once you manually update the row entry in mysql table.

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